Sunday, July 22, 2012

Arts, crafts, and la noche

I appear to be extremely lucky with my school. When I emailed them after getting my placement, to my surprise, they got back to me within a day; a day later the outgoing assistant had emailed me; and the day after that, my coordinator emailed me, too. I woke up today to an email from my coordinator with a video about Lugo de noche, ooh la la! I know a not all schools are that responsive or helpful, so I feel super, super lucky.

The assistant this year only worked in English classes, but it looks like I'll be splitting my time between English and Arts & Crafts! I am so excited to be doing art projects with a bunch of elementary-school students. Before college, I was extremely involved in art at my school--I was in an accelerated program, did some nerd camps, and took the highest levels available. I honestly thought I was going to be a Studio major (well, probably Studio doubled with something else) but alas, I didn't feel very comfortable in my college's art department. So I haven't done too much in the last couple of years, other than doodle and get way too excited about designing flyers for my old job.

But hopefully the kidlets will provide some impetus to give my chalk pastels some love again.

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