Sunday, November 18, 2012

drum solo

the Praza Maior, by the Círculo das Artes

Lugo’s 23rd annual Jazz Festival is going on right now (who knew jazz has such a venerable history here?). On Saturday night, some friends and I went to a show at the Círculo das Artes, or the Art Circle, a performing-arts venue in the city center.

inside the concert venue. it's a classy joint.
I’m no expert on jazz by any means, but it was nice to do something so different from my normal Lucense pastimes.  According to the program, the quintet we saw was touring in homage to Miles Davis, so it was understandably trumpet-solo-heavy. But the drummer stole the show! His final solo was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever heard. The entire venue seemed to be holding its breath until he finished, then erupted into whistles and applause. I love that about live music—the feeling that you, and three hundred other people, are just so incredibly focused on one moment, one performer.

After the show finished up, we reverted to form and headed out to grab a drink and a tapa. My friend Katie took us to a new bar, where they have—wait for it, wait for it—wings! No bourbon sauce, of course, but I was so happy to be standing in a bar in Spain, with wings to go along with my Estrella Galicia beer.


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