Monday, February 25, 2013

february blooms

Not much of an update (not even an update if we're Facebook friends), but I need to post something. And if I keep waiting until I get all my pictures from Rome edited...well. It will probably be May before this blog gets updated. So here are some highlights from my recent life in Lugo.

Despite the fact that it is February, and that we've had a bit of a cold snap the last couple of days, all sorts of things are blooming: cherry trees, the pretty devil up there, and lots more. Everyone is still huddled in giant fur coats and mufflers, complaining about how winter's going to last until April--but, at the risk of massively jinxing Lugo's weather, are they joking? This much stuff doesn't bloom in the winter.

Granted, Virginia is hardly Siberia, but we do, in fact, have winters there. Cherry trees do not bloom in February. I'm going to laugh in the face of the next Spaniard who tells me how frigid it is, and expresses doubt that my home state can be possibly be colder.

In honor of the springlike weather, I also got a haircut. This is the first time my hair has been this short since, eh, my junior year of high school? I'm loving it so far. It's so much easier to deal with on a daily basis. The eventual goal is to go for a pixie cut, a la Audrey Tautou, but I'm digging this length enough that I think I'll keep it for a while.

Finally, on a sadder note, I am mourning the loss of my trusted Canon PowerShot. We had a good run, but alas, it appears that the viewfinder and lens cap are irreparably crunched. (Nonetheless, a more noble fate than that of my first Canon--it met its untimely end when my friend dropped it in a cup of beer.)

Fortunately, I've still got my iPhone. Unfortunately, I thought I'd kicked my burgeoning Instagram habit, but it looks to be making a resurgence. What can I say, the filters whisper my name every time I take a picture. So brace yourself.

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  1. Annia you have such a way with words. LOVE your sense of humor coming through!! The winter blossoming tidbit was too funny.

    Also that photo of the flower is GORGEOUS.