Sunday, April 7, 2013

Plaza Mayor at night, after rain

Last week I was waiting for some friends in the Plaza Mayor. It had just stopped raining, which is always a magical time here: it reminds me that, one day, I will live someplace it doesn't rain every day, where I don't feel as if my shoes never dry out all the way.

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  1. Hi! My name is Alexandria and I'm trying to find out how to contact you! I can't find your email on you blog. I've applied for the Auxiliares program for 2014/2014. I REALLY want to take my dog (who is also a husky!), and I'm trying to find out more information on the process and a first hand account of what it all entails. If you can, please email me (loserlexi@gmail). I'd really appreciate it, even if it's just links to some posts you've done about it. I'v looked at you're archives from when you first went to spain with Gwen but I haven't found anything specific about what it entailed.
    Thank you!