Saturday, September 15, 2012

(a very quick) update on bureaucracy

squash blossom, fall

I just realized I never posted an update on my visa. So here it is: I got it! I've also acquired and apostilled all the documents I'll need to apply for my residency number. It was pretty painless.

More painful, unfortunately, is Gwen's immigration status. Due to what I refer to as a "miscommunication" when I'm feeling polite (and a "Please explain how you completely failed to mention this requirement when I asked how to bring my dog to Spain," when I'm feeling a bit punchier), G. will not be flying over until a week after I arrive. I will miss her little face terribly, but I'm trying to look on the bright side--she'll get to have a blast chillin' on the farm with her granddad, and I'll have more time to get set up in Spain before adding a furball to my list of responsibilities.

PS. Both of these pictures are from my recent trip north. I took them at and around my godmother's beautiful farm.
PPS. I will quit putting every picture I take through Instagram soon. Cross my heart.

sunshine, lion

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