Tuesday, September 25, 2012

pulpo a la plancha

One of my favorite things to eat in Spain is el pulpo, or octopus. There are a variety of ways of serving it (and I still haven't tracked down the most typical Galician octopus, pulpo a la gallega), but the most basic and unadorned is probably what I had for dinner last night, pulpo a la plancha. Basically, it's octopus coated in olive oil, salt, and garlic, then grilled. No frills.

And as my mother wincingly pointed out, no way to avoid the fact that you are eating tentacles, coated in suction cups.

Other than eating sea-critters, I've been meeting the other language and cultural assistants as they trickle in, and continuing my (feels-like-it's) interminable hunt for an apartment. Probably the most notable event was my visit this morning to the school where I'll be working. It was a bit intimidating, for sure, but everyone seemed very nice and incredibly welcoming. And the kids are way, way cuter than my high schoolers.

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