Thursday, December 20, 2012

arrivals hall

requisite pic on Beta Bridge for graduation. wahoo wa!
My dad and my godmom got here last night. They'll be staying for a few weeks, keeping me company through a Spanish Christmas and the New Year. We don't see eye-to-eye on everything (Paul Ryan, fiscal policy, the age at which I should be settled down a max of 40 miles from the paternal homestead), but I love them both lots.

As awesome at is was to have my mom fly over with me, it also wasn't the best in terms of relaxation and enjoyment--I was constantly stressing about where I was going to live and omg foreign country, plus I had no idea what the cool things were to do. (Do I now? Debatable.) I'm super-excited to have the opportunity to share a more settled, do-this-not-that, go-here-not-there, version of my life in Galicia with my dad and my godmom.

my dad's hobbies include classy things like foxhunting. mine include wearing pink rainboots.
my godmom drives carriages, while I wear fedoras and gaze into the distance.

And maybe now I'll actually go see some of Galicia, instead of staying in Lugito and gorging on free tapas.

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