Thursday, December 27, 2012

merry merry

I will be the first to tell you that I'm not big on Christmas. I don't like hearing the same 16 songs every time I venture a toe out of my door. I get insanely stressed over buying people the "perfect" present, and dread having to fake happiness over getting gifts I don't want myself. I gag on the fake peace on earth, goodwill to men sentiment--where is it the other eleven months of the year? And Santa can keep his judgment over my naughtiness to himself.

However, since this was my first Christmas in Spain (although not, in fact, the first time I've peaced out on it to gallivant around Europe), I decided to give it the good ol' college try. I found Christmas-themed crafts for my classes (although not, you know, stupid ones; we learned about modern art and made Kandinsky-inspired Christmas trees) (the example would do double-duty as my apartment's tree, taped to the wall in the kitchen). I wished people felices fiestas. I hunted YouTube for Christmas videos, and planned lessons based around them. I hummed this awful song a couple of times. I helped a friend shop for lingerie as a Christmas present for her boyfriend. I even pitched in womanfully with my school's Christmas pageant, translating things and coaching English accents and trying to keep the kids from crying when the other teachers screamed at them.

the fourth and third graders, who are my most beloved students. note the mini-pilgrim on the right, who pronounced all of his English lines perfectly!

And then, I even went to work on a Friday (!!) to watch the blasted thing and wish all my little monstermonkeys a merry Christmas. They were pretty cute, so I guess it was worth it.

the sixth graders: Little Red Riding Hood and her erm, deep-voiced grandmother

Thus, Friday was my last day of work, and then it was off to vacation! And stressing about Christmas shopping.

G. guards her granddad's present
Fortunately, Gwen did great as Team Moral Support. Christmas itself was thankfully low-key--I cooked a mountain of food, we opened presents, we drank wine. At least I don't have a family that tries to shove good cheer down my throat. It was nice enough, I guess, but I'm glad it's over so I can think about more interesting things.

...I promise I'm not an awful person. I just don't like Christmas very much.

PS. Over 2,000 hits, wow! Thank y'all so much. I am honored and amazed that so many of you have visited my blog, and shared a part of Gwen's and my adventures in Galicia. (Although I know who you're all here for, and I seriously doubt it's me.)

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